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what is scientology

Scientology remains one of the world’s most controversial religions – so much that many don’t consider it a religion, but a cult. The Church of Scientology has clashed with the government in many countries including the US, UK, Canada, and France. In many cases, scientology has filed lawsuits against the government.Scientology is a body of religious beliefs and practices launched in May 1952 by American author L. ron hubbard (1911-86). hubbard initially developed a program of ideas called Dianetics, which was distributed through the Dianetics Foundation.Scientology is a philosophy of the human mind that, shortly after its founding in the early 1950s, began calling itself a religion. Today, the Church of Scientology claims upwards of 10 million.Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) The former View cohost, also 57, has long professed her love for the actor on The Rosie O’Donnell Show,Developed by L. Ron Hubbard, Scientology is a religion that offers a precise path leading to a complete and certain understanding of one's true spiritual nature.Scientology is a twenty-first-century religion. It comprises a vast body of knowledge extending from certain fundamental truths, and prime among those truths: Man is a spiritual being endowed with abilities well beyond those which he normally envisions.In this article I elucidate the scientific underpinnings of the engram and how it was mythologized and used in Dianetics – a mind management system which later became the basis for the Church of.Man’s defense in double murder death penalty case: scientology made me do it A man accused of a double murder is arguing that his belief in Scientology led him to the Prescott Valley home of a couple.They range from "Why is Scientology called a religion?" and "What is the difference between Dianetics and Scientology?" to "Who was L. Ron Hubbard?" to "What is the E-Meter and how does it work?" These questions, and many others, are answered in the following pages. Answers to Common Questions. The Bona Fides of the Scientology.Three weeks ago, Tom Cruise’s daughter Isabella had a message for the followers of Scientology. “This IS what I had been searching for. The missing piece. Suddenly everything began to make sense.” In.

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