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keystone church how we got our name

The showdown over Keystone is a mismatch. the amount of money on the other side, we’ve had to spend our bodies-and we’ll probably have to spend them again.” McKibben, who attends a Methodist church.How did we get the Keystone Church Name? When we were formally planted as Keystone Church by Cornerstone Church we knew we needed a new name as we established a local church here in Ankeny. One of those steps in establishing a church was choosing a name. As you look throughout the Scriptures, when God does something new, he often gives it a new.So excited to be a part of this keystone church celebration! We have been waiting for this day and happy to be a part of this groundbreaking event. #kstn How fun! All kinds of food trucks and bouncy houses for the kids. 1600 plus people here celebrating Christ and our Groundbreaking Ceremony.How We Got Our Name and common law trademark info My business’ names are not registered with the State or Feds however they are established as common law trademarks names and as such are privy to the same rights as the registered ones. In Pennsylvania, a person owns or has a right to their "Common Law Trademark" or "Registered Trademark" if they used it first in commerce.

This video,, can also be seen at would love to see you at a Keystone campus this weekend for one of our worship services! keystone’s worship services feature contemporary music and practical, relevant teaching from the Bible in a relaxed atmosphere. We encourage everyone to choose the campus & worship time that best suits you and your family.How the Name Translates to our Calling as a Church We believe that as good as Ankeny is as an incredible community, we know it needs the hope and good news of Jesus. We want to be the keystone in this community to help make a difference.Our Leaders. Keystone is an Elder-led church. Our congregational members annually vote to affirm elders who oversee all ministries and staff. We believe in a plurality of leaders, both at the elder and staff levels, so no one man has the ultimate say.