2008 International

Urban Parks Conference


September 21 - 23, 2008
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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National Association for Olmsted ParksCity Park Alliance Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Pittsburgh Parks and Recreation

The biennial conference of the City Parks Alliance and the National Association for Olmsted Parks is the premier forum for professionals and parks advocates with a primary focus on urban and historic parks. The 2008 conference is presented in partnership with and produced by the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Conference News Alerts

Announcing the My Space is a Green Place student art contest!
Alert Date: 07/25/2008
Attention students in grades 2 - 12: we are now accepting entries for "My Space is a Green Place: What Parks Mean to Me," an art contest that ...

Financial Management: Troubleshooting Tips

Get more familiar with your financial reports so you can easily spot and correct mistakes.

As a business consultant, I see lots of financial reports. Most of them have a few “slinky knots” in them … accounts that are just wrong. In my consulting work, I start by helping my clients get to KFP – a Known Financial Position. From there, we can see the impact of operational, marketing and sales behaviors.

Got an accounting mess on your hands? It happens! Here are a few tips and tricks for finding and fixing the “slinky knots” in your accounting program.

Financial Fix Tips and Tricks

  • It’s probably YOU. I often hear something along these lines, “That number wasn’t there yesterday. It must be a QuickBooks problem.” That weird dollar amount in your financial reports probably has a very simple explanation. Somebody, maybe you, entered that information. You will have to do some digging. Follow the flow of information from the entry point to the Income Statement (aka Profit & Loss or P&L) and/or Balance Sheet.

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